Programs and communities in rural Alabama are always in need of good people with skills. HERO also
has a number of needs for which volunteers have made a tremendous difference in the quality of life for
many people, their families, and businesses.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact



HERO works as a catalyst for community development in areas of the Alabama Black Belt to end rural
poverty. As a non-profit housing resource center, HERO provides community resources, housing
education and youth programming.




For information on LiHEAP, please contact Community Services Program of West Alabama.


Job Placement
HERO has worked with Shelton State Community College for Job and career preparation assistance.
Please see:


If you have a specific need, please contact info@herohousing.org


Free Community Education Classes
HERO is currently not offering open community classes directly at this time.
If you have interest in an education program either to offer or seeking to take, please contact
GED Workshops
If you have need for GED assistance, please contact



Homebuyer Education
If you have need of homebuyer education, please contact


Credit Repair
If you have need of credit repair assistance, please contact



HERO is part of networks that may be able to help in a number of community based needs.
For general community based questions, please contact