Rural Development 502 Direct Loan Program - USDA

33 - 38 year max loan, credit score of 640 or better, max of 25% of adjusted gross income should go to housing, taxes, and insurance or 1% of borrowed amount.

Should be 19 or over (18 if married) and have ability to repay loan. Rural Development may pay portion of payment as subsidy for vey low income. Actual application is made through Rural Development's local office - by appointment only. This program can be used to buy a nre manufactured home, an existing home or be used to build a new home.

Rural Development Mutual Self Help

Seven families work together with a contractor to build their new homes. In exchange for their labor, they get a reduced mortgage. The terms of the mortgage are the same as the Rural Dev 502.

Credit Requirement: Score of 640 or better

Alabama Housing Finance Authority Program - Step UP

100% financing with fixed interest, 30 year mortgage, blended second mortgage for down payment assistance with fixed 10 year at same interest rate as first mortgage.

Requirements: income limit of $97,300 and credit score of 620 or better

Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan

Apply through approved lender. No PMI, no down payment, 30 year fixed
Can be used for new construction or existing home. Can roll repair costs into loan. Up to 100% of appraised value can be financed. Not just for first time homebuyers.

Credit Requirement: Score of 620 or better without medical collections.

Private Financing/Mortgage Brokers

For refinancing, equity lines and mortgages, the general qualifications are to have collections paid with a 620 credit score and a stable income for 2 years.

  • United Bank 800-423-7026 Brian Chandler
  • 1st Federal Bank (Tuscaloosa) 800-239-6929 Brent Sute

Reverse Mortgage (Housing Equity Conversion Mortgage - HECM)

For homeowners > 62, this mortgage product allows you to borrow against the equity of your home. The loan does not require repayment until you no longer live in the home. Loan amount will be determined by your age, the value of the home and current interest rate.

Rural Development 504 Program

USDA Rural Development 504 Program is to help very low income owners of modest single-family homes repair those homes. Loan funds are available to improve or modernize a home, make it safer or more sanitary, or remove health and safety hazards. Examples are; new windows, insulation, storm windows, storm doors, wiring, central heat & air, plumbing, roof, septic (to do septic it must pass perc test), and wheelchair ramps.

Maximum loan is $20,000 but can be reissued once paid off. 1% interest, term 20 years or less. No lifetime cap on the loan amount but you will need to have a good credit score. Payments can be as low as $5 month depending on income.

Positive Credit Program

HUD Certified Homeownership/Credit Counseling is available to area families. Individuals interested in improving credit may participate in the Positive Credit Program, which helps individuals to open secured credit cards in order to build credit scores. Participants must complete 16 hours of group education in addition to meeting with a housing counselor. For online counseling visit

Credit Counseling

May help consolidate debt and improve credit

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service | 800-251-2227
  • Take Charge America | 866-528-0588

HERO Job Search

For a list of open jobs in the surrounding areas visit our job search page. Check the job search page weekly for updates.

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Lyons HR

1998 Park St, Northport, AL
205-391-9784, a site dedicated to meeting the growing need for public health professionals by connecting students with opportunities to begin and advance their careers. With a predicted growth rate well above the national average and an established workforce, Alabama is an excellent place for a new student to begin a career in public health.

To meet this demand, we have expanded our site’s resources for students in Alabama, which can be found here:

Assisted Living Foundation is a site written by a group of medical professionals meant to serve as a resource for anyone looking for information on placing themselves or a loved-one into an assisted living or elder care facility.

The organization also provides assisted living options that can help veterans who have disabilities, as well as elderly veterans who need help as they grow older. For more information visit,

Our mission is to help seniors live independent, fulfilling lives. According to research, volunteers live longer, due to a culmination of benefits discussed in our guide, How to Volunteer as a Senior. For more information visit,

Veterans Care Guide

This guide is designed to help veterans and/or their surviving spouses determine their eligibility, explain how to apply for benefits and cover the various veteran care options. For more information visit,

Bankrate, Inc.

To help seniors age comfortably at home, we created a guide that compares various financing options available for senior home modifications. We updated the guide to include information for seniors in various living situations so they can easily view the options that apply to them. For more information visit, has developed open-use guides to all degree levels in counseling and licensure certification. Each guide is rich with information students need to know to succeed, covering core sections such as programs, specializations, job outlook, related organizations, and more. It's our hope to get this vital information in the hands of students everywhere as quickly as is necessary for their best success. For more information visit,

Public Health Online

Approximately 111 million residents in the United States are renters — the highest number since 1965. While more people turn to short-term housing for affordability and convenience, renters have to be vigilant about the state of their housing, which has direct links to health. For more information visit,

Mattress Advisor

Your best days start with great sleep. Whether you need a new mattress or need help getting better rest, we’ve got you covered. For more information on restful sleeping, insomnia and more visit:

Project Horseshoe Farm

A local non-profit in Greensboro that offers enhanced independent living housing program for women 50 years and older with mental disorders, After school tutoring, mentoring and activities program for children in the community and day program that center on public health and is open to the community. For more information visit guide on Making Your Home Safe for Seniors includes the advice of experts in aging in place, senior home design, occupational therapy, caregiving and home safety. For more information visit

Comprehensive Guide on Transportation for Seniors

As people age, it is important to acknowledge that there are inevitable changes in vision, reflexes and other aspects that can affect their ability to operate an automobile. This guide provides some alternative options for those that are making a partial or full transition. For more information visit

Mesothelioma Fund

This site offers free services for patients and family members dealing with the cost of treatment for asbestos-related cancers. For more information visit


CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same. For more information visit

House Method

House Method is your toolkit to a better home. Owning a home is complicated, but we make it easy to find the best solution for your household needs. Below are a few resource guides about aging in place and staying healthy in the home as you age. For more information visit:

Caring for an aging, ill, or disabled family member creates a host of responsibilities, some familiar, some not so, while others are very difficult, depending on the circumstances. Family members, especially ones serving in a primary caregiver role, will feel alone at times. But despite the challenges, it's rewarding. Here are some tips to make the tasks easier,