334-624-0842 info@herohousing.org


Credit Counseling

HUD Certified Homeownership/Credit Counseling is available to area families. Individuals interested in improving credit may participate in the Positive Credit Program, which helps individuals to open secured credit cards in order to build credit scores. Participants must complete 16 hours of group education in addition to meeting with a housing counselor.

Online counseling is also available via:

Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions | 800-750-2227 | www.clearpoint.org

Housing & Loan Programs

Rural Development 502 Direct Loan Program - USDA

Low & Very Low Income

Interest rate varies but is low (currently 4.625%), 33 - 38 year max loan, max of 25% of adjusted gross income should go to housing, taxes, and insurance or 1% of borrowed amount.

Should be 19 or over (18 if married) and have ability to repay loan. Rural Development may pay portion of payment as subsidy for vey low income. Actual application is made through Rural Development's local office - by appointment only. This program can be used to buy a nre manufactured home, an existing home or be used to build a new home. Will lend up to 1005 of appraised value.

Credit Requirement: Score of 640 or better

Self Help Housing

Self-help housing allows families to provide some labor on the construction of their new homes in exchange for a lower mortgage. There are two programs:

Habitat for Humanity

Very Low Income Only

Habitat is not a give away program. Families buy their homes at 0% interest and they contibute 250 hours of labor to help build their home. Applications, donations and volunteer opportunities are available at the HERO office (1012 Whelan Street) or call 334-624-0842.

Credit Requirement: Pay all liens

Rural Development Mutual Self Help

Low & Very Low Income

Seven families work together with a contractor to build their new homes. In exchange for their labor, they get a reduced mortgage. The terms of the mortgage are the same as the Rural Dev 502.

Credit Requirement: Score of 640 or better

Alabama Housing Finance Authority Programs

Income limits vary by program

Step UP

100% financing with fixed interest, 30 year mortgage, blended second mortgage for down payment assistance with fixed 20 year, no interest loan for up to 6% of closing costs.

Income limit: $97,300

Credit Requirement: Score of 620 or better

MCC Program

Allows people that fit First Step to receive an annual tax credit up front.

Rural Development Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan

Moderate Income

Apply through approved lender. No PMI, no down payment, 30 year fixed

Can be used for new construction or existing home. Can roll repair costs into loan. Up to 100% of appraised value can be financed. Not just for first time homebuyers.

Credit Requirement: Score of 620 or better without medical collections.

Private Financing/Mortgage Brokers

Refinance, Equity Lines, Mortgages: General qualifications are to have collections paid with a 620 credit score and a stable income for 2 years.

United Bank 800-423-7026 Brian Chandler

1st Federal Bank (Tuscaloosa) 800-239-6929 Brent Sute

United Way

205-458-8970 | www.uwca.org | 3600 8th Ave South Birmingham, AL 35232

"Assets for Independence" Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

Individual Development Accounts (IDA)s are matched savings accounts that help people with modest means to save towards the purchase of a lifelong asset, such as a home. “Assets for Independence” is a federal grant program administered by the Office of Community Services of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The program assists qualifying individuals who open an Individual Development Account (IDA) by matching (2:1) earned income with local and federal funds. The IDA promotes savings and financial stability, and enables participants to acquire a lasting asset—a first-time home, college education, or to start or expand a small business. The program is available in Hale, Marengo, and Sumter Counties. Investors make monthly deposits (minimum of $25 per month) into an IDA – a free savings account with no fees - and participate in financial training classes, offered at no cost.

Eligibility for IDA Program: Household income is at or below 200% of federal poverty OR participant is EITC-eligible AND participant has a household net worth of less than $10,000 (not including one residence and one vehicle).

Home Repair

Rural Development 504 Program

Low & Very Low Income

USDA Rural Development 504 Program is to help very low income owners of modest single-family homes repair those homes. Loan funds are available to improve or modernize a home, make it safer or more sanitary, or remove health and safety hazards. Examples are; new windows, insulation, storm windows, storm doors, wiring, central heat & air, plumbing, roof, septic (to do septic it must pass perc test), and wheelchair ramps.

Maximum loan is $20,000 but can be reissued once paid off. 1% interest, term 20 years or less. No lifetime cap on the loan amount but you will need to have a good credit score. Payments can be as low as $5 month depending on income.

Eligibility is limited to persons or families who meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria include:

• Household adjusted income cannot exceed 50% of median household adjusted income of the county. Additional information and income limits for your county may be found at www.rd.usda.gov. Currently $22,000

• Applicant must be a US citizen or a noncitizen who qualifies as a legal alien as defined by USDA regulation.

• Applicant must use home to be repaired as their residence.

• Applicant must have legal capacity to incur a loan obligation.

• Applicant must have a good credit history (for low interest loan).

• Applicants must have repayment ability for the loan requested.

• Applicant must be unable to obtain financing from conventional lenders (bank, mortgage company, etc.) or from their own resources.

• Home must be located in a non-metropolitan area. Non-metropolitan area includes rural areas and communities of less than 20,000 persons.

• Must show ownership interest (can be letter for unrelated neighbor, tax receipt) if under $7,500 but if > than must show clear title.

• Loan funds can be used for a mobile home if there are no other dwellings on the property and the lot size is less than 1 acre in size.

Application is made through Rural Development. No pre-application is necessary with a 504 loan/grant. Do not mail application in; it will be returned! After application and budget is completed, call 205-553-1733 Ext. 4 for an appointment. A loan/repair specialist will come to the applicant’s residence to assess repairs needed.

For your appointment with Rural Dev., in addition to your completed application & budget, you will also need proof of income, deed, Food Stamp verification (if receive FS), tax return (if filed), social security card, picture ID, & application fee (in form of money order only) of $25 for an individual or $34 for couples.

Veteran's Home Repair Program

Homes and mobile homes qualify for the program but homeowner must provide deed to property. Eligible household income must be below 80% of AMI, or $44,550 for a family of four. Interested parties may make an appointment at HERO. The funds for the EWP/ARP program are on fist come first serve basis. An appointment is not a guarantee of acceptance or funds availability.

Smart Meter/Utility Assistance Counseling

HERO offers Smart Meter/Utility Assistance Counseling on a one on one and classroom setting and are available at no cost to help families learn about conserving energy and lowering utility bills. Call 334-624-0842 for an appointment.

Community Service Programs

334-624-4455 | Open Monday - Wednesday by appointment only

This program works to assess ways to reduce airflow around doors, windows, roofs and floors and make repairs to make the home more energy efficient.

Documents Needed: Income verification, deed to property annd heating utility account number.

Reverse Mortgage (Housing Equity Conversion Mortgage - HECM)

For homeowners > 62, this mortgage product allows you to borrow against the equity of your home. The loan does not require repayment until you no longer live in the home. Loan amount will be determined by your age, the value of the home and current interest rate.

HECM counseling is required and available at HERO or by phone at 334-624-0842.

Income Based Housing

Low & Very Low Income

HUD Section 8 Project Based Rental Assistance

To get rental assistance, apply directly to apartment manager. This allows qualified applicants to live in a low income community with rental subsidy. Participants normally pay no more than 30% of monthly income towards rent and utilities.

East Ridge Apartments

334-624-4617 | MWF 8AM - 5PM | 201 East Ridge Apartments Greensboro, AL

50 units: 2-4 bedroom only, (2) 2 bedroom handicapped units

Sliding scale security deposit can be spread over 3 months

Magnolia Village

334-624-4388 | Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4PM | 1910 Short Blount Street Greensboro, AL

64 units: 1-2 bedroom only, (8) 2 bedroom handicapped units

Sliding scale security deposit based on 30% of income

Greensboro Housing Authority

334-624-7728 | Monday - Friday 8AM - 12PM, 1PM - 5PM | 101 Centerville Street Greensboro, AL

Applications taken ONLY on Thursday

66 units: 1-5 bedroom, (5) handicapped units

Deposit $100. Water, sewer, garbage included in rent.

Moundville Plaza Apartments

205-371-9009 | MWF 8AM - 4PM | 270 Alabama Ave #501 Moundville, AL

24 units: 1-2 bedroom only, (1) handicapped unit

$150 security deposit

Moundville Garden Apartments

205-371-9009 | MWF 8AM - 4PM | 270 Alabama Ave #501 Moundville, AL

Elderly and handicapped only 24 units: 1-2 bedroom only

$150 security deposit

(2018 US Median Household Income by State)

Rural Dev Rental Assistance

Canterbury Manor Apartments

334-624-0770 | MWF 8AM - 4PM | 6400 AL HWY 14 E #100 Greensboro, AL

Elderly and handicapped only 45 units: 1-2 bedroom only

$150 security deposit

Griffin Mandela Apartments

334-624-5675 | Tuesday, Thursday 8AM - 4PM | 249 County Road 28 #1 Greensboro, AL

3 buildings, 30 units: 1-3 bedrooms, (2) handicapped units

$200 security deposit

Walnut Creek Apartments

334-624-9944 | 250 County Road 28 Greensboro, AL

32 units: 1-2 bedrooms only, (3) handicapped units

$150 security deposit

Affordable Housing

Low Income Housing Tax Credit - No rental assistance is provided. Rent is low due to financing structure.

Cherokee Apartments

205-372-2932 | Tuesday, Thursday 8AM - 4PM | 119 Gewin Street Akron, AL

24 units: 2 bedroom at $245 and 3 bedroom at $295

Income must be high enough to support payment

Cauldwell Creek

334-624-8777 | 15 Old York Place Greensboro, AL

32 homes: 3 bed/2 bath at $375 and 4 bed/2 bath at $440

Income Category: Very low (50%)

Carriage Hills Apartments

334-624-4843 | Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM (Wednesday 8:40AM) | 6500 HWY 14 Greensboro, AL

Duplex units with porches and yard Elderly and handicapped only

$150 security deposit

Supportive Rental Assistance


Spring Hill owned by West Alabama Mental Health | 334-289-2410 | Must be drug free with mental disabilities


Indian Rivers | 205-391-3131 | 3701 Loop Road East Building 39 Tuscaloosa, AL

Provides comprehensive mental health services for Tuscaloosa, Bibb and Pickens county. Eligibility is based on diagnostic criteria such as diagnosis of mental retardation, substance abus, or severe persistent mental illness. Must be a client before one can receive help with rental assistance.

Fair Housing Authority (HUD)


Temporary Shelters

Turning Point, Tuscaloosa


Services victims of sexual and domestic violence (men, women and children). Transportation is available in certain areas to get to the shelter. Job and housing assistance is available once there. This organization also provides counseling for those who have been involved with sexual aor domestic violence.

Hannah Home, Tuscaloosa


This Christian organization offers services for women and children only. Transportation is available to and from work once at shelter.

Salvation Army, Tuscaloosa

205-632-3691 | 2902 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa, AL

Can provide food assistance and clothing. As well as a homeless shelter. Valid ID, proof of residence and social security card.

Jesus Way Homeless Shelter, Tuscaloosa

205-759-9771 | 2681 24th Street Tuscaloosa, AL

Christian shelter, small houses with a roommate. Transportation is provided once at shelter. Meals also available.

YMCA, Tuscaloosa

205-345-9622 | 2405 Paul W. Bryant Drive Tuscaloosa, AL

Mens residence only Cost is $85 per week due each Friday, $25 deposit, ID needed, $3 application fee and individual can stay indefinitely.

Market Rate Rentals

Mickey Harrow Realty 334-624-3074

Craigslist Tuscaloosa https://tuscaloosa.craigslist.org

Utility Assistance

LIHEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program) by the US Department of Energy is administered through ADECA.

We assist with electric, natural gas, propane gas, or wood/coal during the Heating Season and electric only during the Cooling Season. Call to learn more about dates in which we will be taking appointments and how to get an appointment.

Only the head of the household can apply. For you appointment, please bring in the following documentation: Current ID, Proof of income for each member of your household, Social security card for each member of your household and most recent heating/cooling bill

Someone can represent a sneior Head of Household; the senior HOH must write a letter giving an individual permission to represent them. Representative must bring current photo ID.

Legal Assistance

Elderly - Legal counsel for the elderly (800) 452 - 9036

Disabled - ADAPT (800) 826 - 1675

Central Alabama Fair Housing Center

334-263-4667 | All Hale County Residents

Intake 866-456-4995

Legal Services Alabama including free legal help with housing

Thrift Store

(Temporarily Closed)

1319 Main Street Greensboro, AL | Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 4PM


Career Center

Demopolis Career Center 334-289-0202 | 1074 Bailey Drive Demopolis, AL | M-F 7:30AM - 4:30PM

Tuscaloosa Career Center 205-758-7591 | tuscaloosa.careercenter@dir.alabama.gov | 202 Skyland Drive Tuscaloosa, AL | M-F 7:45AM - 4:45PM

Temporary Employment Agencies

Labor Ready | 700 14th Street Tuscaloosa, AL | 2111-br@laborready.com

Key Staff Source Inc | 205-391-9041 | 2721 6th Street Tuscaloosa, AL

Labor Finders | 205-750-0059 | 1120 35th Street #A Tuscaloosa, AL

Department of Human Resources

334-624-5820 | 906 Wheelan Street Greensboro, AL | M-F 8AM - 4:30PM

Hale County Health Department

334-624-3018 | 670 Hall Street Greensboro, AL | M-F 8AM-5PM

Spring Hill

334-289-3270 | Demopolis

10 beds - Must be drug free with mental disabilities.

Indian Rivers

205-391-3131 | 3701 Loop Road East Building 39 Tuscaloosa, AL

Provides comprehensive mental health services for Tuscaloosa, Bibb & Pickens counties. Eligibility is based on diagnostic criteria such as diagnosis of mental retardation, substance abuse or severe persistent mental illness.

Phone for community service homeless prevention money - 205-752-5429

Prescription Assistance

Contact: Carolyn Morrison - 334-289-2600 ext. 22

1st Wednesday 9AM-4PM Akron City Hall

2nd Wednesday 9AM-4PM Newbern Fire Department

3rd Wednesday 9AM-4PM Faunsdale City Hall

4th Wednesday 9AM-4PM Greensboro CVS

Bring photo ID, social security card, proof of income, prescription and medicine containers, list of allergies and W-2(if applicable).

Temporary Emergency Service


Catholic Family Services


Marcey Thurman


Hobson Circle


Sewing Seeds of Hope (prescription assistance)

P.O Box 1153 Marion, AL

334-683-6152 or 334-683-4666

Alabama Seniors RX Coordinator

Contact: Kayla Clark | 205-333-2990 ext. 205

4200 Agency on Aging Northport, AL

Good Samaritan Clinic

205-343-2212 | 3880 Watermelon Road Northport, AL

A free clinic that serves patients who have no medical insurance who also have limited income. Not eligible for those on Medicaid, Medicare or those that qualify for VA assistance.

West Alabama AIDS Outreach

205-759-8470 | 2720 6th St #100, Tuscaloosa, AL

Shelia Jordan - Social Worker

Rodney Williams - Community Specialist | ext. 6

Free housing and support.


PublicHealth.org, a site dedicated to meeting the growing need for public health professionals by connecting students with opportunities to begin and advance their careers. With a predicted growth rate well above the national average and an established workforce, Alabama is an excellent place for a new student to begin a career in public health.

To meet this demand, we have expanded our site’s resources for students in Alabama, which can be found here: https://www.publichealth.org/online-degrees/alabama

Assisted Living Foundation

AssistedLiving.org is a site written by a group of medical professionals meant to serve as a resource for anyone looking for information on placing themselves or a loved-one into an assisted living or elder care facility.

The organization also provides assisted living options that can help veterans who have disabilities, as well as elderly veterans who need help as they grow older. For more information visit, https://www.assistedliving.org/assisted-living-benefits-for-veterans


Our mission is to help seniors live independent, fulfilling lives.

According to research, volunteers live longer, due to a culmination of benefits discussed in our guide, How to Volunteer as a Senior. For more information visit, https://www.aginginplace.org/how-to-volunteer-as-a-senior/

Rural Development

Hale County 205-553-1733 ext. 4 | 3831 Palisades Dr Tuscaloosa, AL

Contacts: Sandy Jones, Virginia Johnson

Marengo, Perry, Wilcox, Dallas County 334-682-4116 ext. 4 | 321 Deport Street Camden, AL

Tuscaloosa Credit Union

205-345-6043 | 1100 21st Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL

Credit Counseling

May help consolidate debt and improve credit

Consumer Credit Counseling Service 800-251-2227

Take Charge America 866-528-0588

Housing Authorities

Greensboro Housing Authority 334-624-7728

Uniontown Housing Authority 334-628-2051

Tuscaloosa Housing Authority 205-758-6619

Northport Housing Authority 205-752-8171

Linden Housing Authority 334-295-5544

Demopolis City Housing Authority 334-289-1347

Transportation Services

West Alabama Public Transportation | 334-289-5789

Area Agency on Aging of West Alabama

205-333-2990 | 4200 HWY 69 North Suite 1 Northport, AL

Project Horseshoe Farm - Clubhouse

334-624-7455 | www.projecthsf.org

Horseshoe Farm - Enhanced independent living housing program for women 50 years and older with mental disorders.

Clubhouse (Main Street, Greensboro)

Kid's Program - After school tutoring, mentoring and activities program for children in the community.

Day Program - Offers a day program that center on public health and is open to the community (specifically elderly and/or special needs individuals). Activities include light exercise, games, arts and crafts and lunch.